Broadfield House Museum

view of the inside of the Broadfield House Museum
Vew of the inside of the Broadfield House Museum, United Kingdom

Among the many glass museums listed on this website is the Broadfield House Glass Museum located in Kingswinford, England, operated by the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Broadfield House contains glass objects dating back to the 17th century, among them paperweights. The tucked away museum is a former royal estate situated in a part of England known as the Black Country. The Black Country draws its name from the minerals in the ground: coal, iron ore, limestone, fireclay and sand; all perfect ingredients for the French glassmakers who long ago established their businesses in England. Travelers to this western portion of England soon learn about glass manufacturing hearing the names of Amblecote, Stourbridge, and Brierley Hill. The Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge constucted at the end of the18th century is the last of the traditional glass works and now operates as a museum.  Today, it is the only complete glass cone in the area once filled with them and one of only four left in the United Kingdom. Some of the finer glass pieces produced in this area can be seen at the Broadfield House Glass Museum in addition to paintings that show this colorful landscape from the past and glass making tools. This museum is scheduled to close later this year and will reopen at a date yet to be announced with new exhibits.

Orchids In Glass

Artists and collectors alike are fascinated with orchids. Take for example Chris Buzzini, who recently has announced that after 45 years of working with glass that he is closing his studio in Oregon and will be returning to California. Chris began his adventure with glass in 1970 and has worked with Correia Art Glass, Lundberg Studios, and Orient & Flume Art Glass. He created his fabulous orchid series as an independent artist with his own studio and has filled many collections with paperweights over this forty-five years of work in glass.

Another artist working with flowers and elements of nature is Paul Stankard. Paul Stankard has not just captured in glass the beauty of the life cycle of plants but  has also created whimsical poetic creatures to share with collectors and admirers of art in glass.  Paul writes beautifully about his journey in life in “No Green Berries or Leaves: The Creative Journey of an Artist in Glass” letting us all share his love for poetry, Nature, and work to to bring poetry into glass. Orchids have been featured in some parts of his work but honeybees, leaves, flowers of all types, berries, root systems, and entwined root people are found in his work.

Victor Trabucco sculpts in glass and is a magician. Like Buzzini and Stankard, his work is found in museums across the world. Trabucco’s paperweights visually demonstrate that his techniques developed over many years of working with fluid hot glass enable him to bring beauty to homes and offices in imaginative ways. Victor Trabucco has passed his art forward to David and Jon, his sons, who work at Trabucco Studios creating crystal sculptures and paperweights.

Chris Buzzini Orchid
Chris Buzzini Orchid
Close up of Paul Stankard Orchid in glass
Close up of Paul Stankard Orchid in glass
Paul Stankard Orchid
Paul Stankard Orchid Paperweight
Victor Trabucco Paperweight
Victor Trabucco Orchid 

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